About us

Zappzi’s Vision and Mission
Zappzi strives to inspire moments of joy and happiness by sharing local services and bringing communities closer together. Zappzi is on a mission to help people look and feel great and revolutionise the hairdressing industry one booking at a time and make it ‘normal’ for hairstylists to travel to customers.
Inspiration for Zappzi
Some comments from our founder Clint Ratanatray:
“Inspiration for Zappzi began one day when I was looking scruffy having not had my hair cut for about 6 weeks and I was due to go on a date with my wife in the evening, I had intended to get my haircut for days however every time I walked past my usual barber he was full and I was in a rush, so I just kept leaving it. My wife had said to me in the morning ‘you better sort your hair out before we head out tonight’,  so on the way home I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great if I could book a hairdresser to come to my house and cut my hair before we went out for dinner? I searched the internet and could not find any mobile hairdressers who could help, especially at such short notice. Luckily… I had a hat!”
When was Zappzi founded?
Zappzi’s online marketplace was launched in March 2019. Since then, we have helped many people with different services and we have ambitious plans for the future!
Who was it founded by?
Clint Ratanatray founded Zappzi in 2019, he is an Australian who has lived in London for almost 15 years, has a beautiful wife and 2 amazing children. He has worked in various industries from hospitality, to architecture and banking. Clint is on this journey to add value to people’s lives, using technology to provide solutions that deliver convenience, value and professionalism in the on demand local service industry. 
Meet the Zappzi Team
The Founding Zappzi team include Clint Ratanatray, Richard Vidis, Mathew Flint & Abigail Ratanatray. The founders have many complimentary and varied skills, Clint’s background enables him to control Zappzi’s business development. Richard is an extremely talented, experienced developer and is Zappzi’s head of technology & development. Matt is Zappzi’s marketing partner and his award-winning team at Yogurt Top Marketing do a brilliant job at promoting Zappzi. Abi has led a professional career in the fashion industry and is Zappzi’s Chief Customer Officer.