How to pick the right hair products for your unique hair type

Are you tired of buying countless amounts of hair products that just aren’t right for you? If so, fear not, this helpful guide will be sure to help you choose the right ones from now on. Battling the hair care isle will become a myth, and rocking a good hair day will become part of your daily routine. Continue reading to find out more…

Straight Hair

One key issue that most people tend to battle with when the have straight hair is greasiness. This is due to no other reason than the fact your hair is so fine. If this is something you struggle with, don’t be afraid to use dry shampoo a few times a week instead of washing your hair every day and eliminating the natural oils that your hair requires.

When buying hair care products for straight hair, we recommend that you look for volumizing shampoos and conditioners to lift your hair and give it more life. Try to avoid thick textures, as this will defeat the object and lay heavily on your fine hair. 

Wavy Hair

Anyone with wavy hair knows the struggle of uncontrollable FRIZZ! Battling the frizz is key to maintaining wavy hair, which is why you should focus on moisturising and volumizing products. 

Look for hair care products that are designed to hydrate and moisturize. This will help to lock in the natural goodness your hair provides, allowing you to be frizz free from then on out. 

Curly Hair

Similarly, to wavy hair, curly hair is also extremely prone to frizz, and again, sticking to moisturising and volumizing products will make all the difference. You can even go as far as finding products that have been scientifically designed to combat the struggles of curly hair, enhancing the natural shape of your curl for all it’s worth. 

If you’d like to get creative with your hair, why not try out some other hair care products, such as; mousse, hair oil (morrocan or argon oil), frizz control spray and hair jelly. Each of these products go hand in hand when creating the perfect curl, they really help to define the shape of the curl that is unique to you.

Combination of Curly and Kinky Hair

Finally, the hair type that requires a little bit of TLC from every aspect of the hair care isle. Combination of curly and kinky hair is a tough one, and all boils down to the length and texture of your hair. A moisturising shampoo combined with a weekly hair mask will be sure to lock in the moisture and tame those kinks and curls. Finishing creams and pomades will also become your new best friend, they’re really firm your hair and lock in the style you aspire to achieve.

We hope this little guide to finding the right product to suit your beautiful hair type has helped you out. It’s key to understand what type of product your hair needs, and what key factors these products must include. These days all hair care brands tend to provide a product that suits every hair type imaginable, so look for those key words that will bring out the best in you and your do.

If you ever need any tips or advice on how to maintain your hair, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask one of our Zappzi stylist to assist you, they’ll be happy to help!