Love is in the hair: Why mobile hair stylists love what they do

To mark National Hairstylist Appreciation Day, we at London’s mobile hair salon, Zappzi are urging the people of London to embark on their own mobile hair stylist adventure.

There’s no denying that professional hair stylists wear many other hats than their usual day-to-day stylish locks. From the moment a mobile hair stylist is invited into our homes, they’re much more than just a professional hair stylist, they’re also a friend, a therapist and even a shoulder to cry on sometimes.

Clint Ratanatray, director of Zappzi said, “It’s safe to say that once a professional hair stylist enters the home of a client, they may only be there for 30 minutes or so, but their ability to help clients look and feel amazing will often leave a lasting impression. Which is why we’re so keen to encourage aspiring hair stylists in London to take the leap into mobile hair dressing.”

Ratanatray explores the reasons why professional mobile hair stylists should take the leap in his latest blog post.

Cherry pick your clients

Mobile hairdressers have the opportunity to meet new fascinating people,  young or old, male or female. Managing your own clientele and being your own boss gives you the opportunity to ‘cherry pick your clients’, so you only have to spend time with the people you enjoy working with. Having the ability to pick your favourite clients, and build on that list, not only makes the thought of work much more enjoyable and you could also make friends for life.

Ownership of your working day

Hair salons often have strict rules and guidelines when it comes to the way you dress, the way you’re paid and the way you communicate with clients. When you’re your own boss, you can kiss all of that goodbye. Whether you prefer to do dress-down Fridays, or keep it smart in all-black, you’re free to communicate and operate how you see fit.

Lasting connections

One of the most personally rewarding parts of mobile hairdressing is the relationships you build along the way. They put their trust in you with their appearance, ensuring their long-term loyalty. This loyalty often converts into customer referrals and powerful testimonials, which you would struggle a little more with in hair salons.

Ultimate freedom

Once you’re up and running, you will have the freedom to take on higher-profile clients, which will bolster your reputation within the industry. From the work you do, to what you wear and how you earn your money, embarking on a mobile hair stylist adventure ultimately means freedom of your future projects.

Do you want to be known for achieving a certain look? You have the freedom to do so.

Officially launched in 2018, Zappzi claim to actively promote each of their listed professional hair stylists to help them build on their client base. Their booking software allows members of the public to select a hair stylist in the London area, schedule appointments with them and get their hair styled in the comfort of their own home.

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